Michigan Lawmaker Uses Teen's Murder to Demand Gun Control. Here's Why She's Wrong

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Just a short time ago, I wrote a piece about how reality is often missing from anti-gun arguments. The prime example used in that piece is the anti-gun rhetoric following the Kansas City parade shooting.


Of course, that's hardly a unique example. We see numerous examples.

And I've got another one for you.

This involves the unfortunate murder of a 17-year-old girl in Michigan. No one is excusing anyone from anything in this, but at least one lawmaker had to be as ghoulish as possible and try to use the body of this murdered girl as a soapbox.

Nearly a week after a teenager was shot and killed blocks away from the state capitol building, Democratic State Senator Sarah Anthony is calling on fellow lawmakers to keep up the momentum on battling gun violence.

Anthony made the statement in the state senate Wednesday while backing a resolution recognizing June as National Gun Violence Awareness Month.

“All I can think about was the loss of life and the potential that that young man would have contributed to our community, our state, and our country,” said Anthony.

She reflected on 17-year-old Kylete Owens. The high school student was killed in a shooting that left 6 other people hurt near Lansing’s Rotary Park on Memorial Day.

While tighter gun legislation like red flag laws and safe storage requirements have been in effect for more than three months, Anthony challenged fellow lawmakers to do more to address the roots of gun violence.

“We have continued to fight for common sense reforms such as background checks promoting safe storage establishing red flag laws, and keeping fellow Michiganders safe. Yes, it is helping but it is not enough,” said the Lansing Democrat.


There's just one problem. 

No one has been arrested, so no one knows how the shooter got a gun in the first place.

Anthony is sitting there calling for more gun control despite the fact that the laws that just went into effect clearly accomplished nothing, and doing so before any really knows anything about the killer.

Then again, if history is any indication, we'll find out that the killer obtained his gun through illicit means, violating any manner of state and federal gun control laws, and provide a clear example of how gun control doesn't actually work for its stated purpose.

That won't dissuade someone like Anthony, either. Broken gun laws are just proof that we need more of what failed totally and completely before.

As if to make it worse, though, there's the strong probability that Anthony's proposed answer to this terrible crime is a litany of gun control that doesn't bear any relation to the crime at all. That's assuming there's been an arrest by the time she actually does anything legislatively so we can at least example the fact and compare it to Anthony's policies.


But in the end, we know it won't be remotely similar.

That's because people like Anthony use these terrible crimes as a pretext for the things they always wanted. They make demands for things they wanted all along, then hope no one will notice the lack of any relevance.

They don't really care about murdered 17-year-old girls. What they care about is pushing gun control down people's throats.

Murdered 17-year-old girls are just a fine platform for them to do so, at least in their minds. That's all.

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