Private School Founder Undermines Arguments Against Armed Teachers

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No one wants every teacher to carry a firearm.

Well, no one wants to force that, anyway. In my dream world, teachers would all carry guns, but they'd do it because they chose to, not because they were made to do so.


Regardless, armed teachers are a thing in many places and the debate about making it more common continues to rage on.

But should it?

Obviously, I'm biased, as is Lee Williams over at The Gun Writer. We're both pretty pro-gun, which tends to mean we think people should be able to carry. Even teachers. Yet Lee had a piece yesterday that seriously undermines the whole argument against armed teachers.

When Eddie and Claire Speir founded Inspiration Academy 11 years ago, not arming teachers wasn’t even a consideration.

“It was because of Columbine. We were in a spiritual war — we still are — and some people were crazy. We knew it was our duty to protect our students. Columbine changed a lot of things for educators,” Speir told the Second Amendment Foundation Tuesday.

Speir and his wife retired and moved to Florida in 2013 after selling their Colorado-based software firm. “But God had other plans,” Speir said. The couple — with no formal background in education — launched Inspiration Academy, which began with just one paid employee.

Today, Speir has more than 200 students and dozens of teachers, coaches and other professionals. His staff is armed and dedicated to protecting their students.

“We, by God’s grace, look for and develop teachers with high character who would be honored and are prepared to give their lives for our students,” Speir said. “It’s shameful that every superintendent doesn’t feel the same way and develop a culture that reflects this attitude.”

The gun-ban industry has strong opinions about armed teachers, but they have no facts or data to support their arguments and certainly no actual experience. Speir has worked with an armed teaching staff for more than a decade, which makes him one of the country’s leading subject matter experts.


That's more than a decade of armed teachers without an incident, it should be noted.

Yet the truth is that the lack of incident doesn't necessarily mean there won't be, or so anti-gunners would have us believe. In fairness, on a long enough timeline, there probably will be.

Speir, however, isn't just counting on the past to speak for itself.

Instead, he goes through some of the claims and debunks them.

Speir made quick work of Everytown for Gun Safety’s key findings, which the Bloomberg-funded group touts as proof teachers should not be armed. He also disproved similar arguments from other anti-rights groups.

1. Students will access teachers’ guns.

“No. Absolutely not. This has never happened – not once – not even an attempt. This is just plain dumb,” Speir said.  

2. The risk of shootings increases.

“This argument is intellectually lazy, ignores all empirical evidence and just plays off people’s emotions and fears. It doesn’t make any sense. Evidence has shown that cities that have strict gun laws have the most crime. You have to look at the empirical evidence. What causes shootings is weakness. Reagan said we need to project strength. Our school is not a soft target, and we want everyone to know that. It’s criminals who cause shootings, not law-abiding citizens. People should be armed and equipped to fight against criminals,” Speir said.

3. Arming teachers introduces new liability risks.

“(Laughter) In 11 years, the only problem I have ever had is people creating ridiculous scenarios based on some notion that guns are bad and therefore only the government should have guns,” Speir said. “It’s a ridiculous notion.”


This isn't even half of them. I'm not putting more here because I sincerely want you to go and read what Lee wrote and read the rest of Speir's arguments against these ridiculous attacks on arming teachers.

What he doesn't touch on precisely is that armed teachers have been in place for years in more places than his school and none of these doomsday scenarios have come to pass literally anywhere. It just hasn't happened.

I won't say they can't happen, but it is extremely unlikely for any of these to actually play out.

Most of that is doomsaying, plain and simple, without any regard to what has actually happened. Speir has seen it first-hand as have teachers in many other places where educators can be armed.

The truth is that any place you congregate and disarm a large number of people, you'll have the potential for someone to roll up and decide to make a name for themselves by slaughtering the innocent. They're not looking for a challenge, after all, just a high body count.

Putting guns in the hands of people who are supposed to be the responsible adults means that those who might want to do something like that will have to ponder whether their rampage will make them famous or just make them dead.

When there's a school shooting, we typically hear about some teacher who dies trying to protect their students. That is admirable.


I'd much rather hear about the teacher who pulled a Mozambique drill on the attacker and dropped him, though.

And since the doomsaying has never happened the way the anti-gunner claims, I'd say my scenario is far more likely.

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