Uvalde Lawsuit Against UPS, FedEx the Dumbest Ones Yet

AP Photo/Bill Sikes, File

Lawsuits against companies that had no hand in something like the awful events of Uvalde aren't surprising, but they're stupid.

They're nothing more than anti-gun activists taking advantage of distraught parents to try and score political points and make it that much harder for lawful firearms companies to continue to do business.


It's idiotic.

But I thought we'd seen all the stupid we were going to see on that front. That's a case of "shame on me" for underestimating the vile idiocy of the anti-gun movement. It seems they have found a new target.

Yep. This is pure idiocy.

The Hell Fire trigger has been on the market for over 30 years. It's nothing but a trigger that allows people to fire semi-automatic weapons a bit faster, much like many other trigger modifications. These are not illegal and are perfectly acceptable to ship through either UPS or FedEx. 


Moreover, it doesn't violate the UPS conditions of carriage because the trigger won't do any of those things. Not by itself, anyway.

"But it's also a violation of school zone area protections."

The courts have long found that people living less than 1,000 feet from a school zone don't forfeit their Second Amendment rights simply because they live within walking distance of a school. That means people can lawfully buy guns and store them in their homes.

It also means that there is no reason for a carrier to question gun part going to a home within that area.

In short, UPS and FedEx had no reason to not ship the part to the individual who turned out to later become the Uvalde killer. 

Let's also be real here for a moment. UPS and FedEx aren't gun companies. They don't have any reason to stay in this fight. They make money shipping guns and parts, but do they make enough to deal with the negative publicity that might arise? Probably not. They're far more likely to cave than a gun company might.

But let's understand what this is really about. It's not about UPS or FedEx doing anything wrong. They know this is a stretch. They don't expect this to go to trial, even. Oh no, this is about something far different.

What these folks are trying to do is to use the legal system to bully UPS and FedEx into refusing to transport firearms or firearm parts. They want to see these carriers cut out every firearm-related company so that those companies will have a harder time shipping products to customers.


As a result of that, it becomes harder for law-abiding citizens to get not just parts but guns shipped to their FFL. 

All of this isn't about correcting wrongs committed prior to Uvalde. It's about making it harder for you and me to exercise our Second Amendment rights. Who needs gun control if you can't find a gun to buy in the first place?

That's what this is about. Sure, this one lawsuit won't necessarily change the landscape, but it's never about one lawsuit. It's about the death by a thousand cuts. It's about making it just too difficult to deal with the firearm industry.

And the stupidity won't end here, either. We'll see more and worse.

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