Anti-Israeli Man on NYC Subway Illustrates Issues with City's Gun Laws

AP Photo/William Mathis

After being spanked by the Supreme Court in the Bruen decision, the state of New York and New York City itself went on a bit of a bender, passing any and every gun control law they could think of.


In New York City, they named a bunch of places as "sensitive" places and thus were gun-free zones.

Bruen said they could do it, though I think they got a little ridiculous with it.

One place they decided people shouldn't carry guns is on the subway. Apparently, they figure no one would ever need a gun on the subway. If they did, it was the dumbest thing they could have figured, but this is New York City, so...

A prime illustration of this happened earlier this week. It didn't quite get to the point where someone needed a gun, but the pucker factor was very real when an anti-Israeli protestor hopped on the subway car.

Masked anti-Israel protesters took over a New York City subway car on Monday and demanded to know if there were any “Zionists” on the train — then warned them: ‘This is your chance to get out.”

The sickening moment came after protesters rallied in Union Square Park in Manhattan and held up a banner that read “Long live October 7.”

One antisemitic demonstrator at the event yelled that he wished “Hitler was still here” to “wipe out” the Jews.


On the packed subway Monday, one man told a group of masked and keffiyeh-clad protesters, “Repeat after me” — then said: “Raise your hand if you’re a Zionist.”

The other protesters dutifully echoed him.

Then he said, “This is your chance to get out.”


Now, imagine you're a Jewish person sitting on that subway car. You've seen the antisemitic rhetoric being bandied about by these people. You've seen them chant "from the river to the sea" and know they would kill every Jewish man, woman, and child in Israel.

Unfortunately for you, they're now in a subway car demanding that you identify yourself as a zionist for thinking that Israel has a right to exist and being told this is your chance to exit the subway...where more of his antisemitic friends are.

I don't know about you, but I'd want to have the option to carry a gun in that moment.

Sure, it might not turn violent, but if it does, there's a really good chance you're not making it out of there alive. You can and will die at the hands of a violent mob because, frankly, there's nothing you can do except bleed.

A gun, however, would allow you to at least try to defend yourself. It's presence may defuse the situation enough that you can escape. It may cause the ringleaders to pause for a moment and decide that while they want to kill you, they don't want that more than they want to live.


But New York City's gun control laws made that impossible to do lawfully. Even if you have a carry permit, you can't carry on the subway lawfully. The police are supposedly around to protect you, but where were they went this tool decided to try and deny lawfully acting people the right to ride on public transportation? Nowhere.

Fortunately, we're talking about what could have happened. I'm sincerely glad for that. No one got hurt, though I have no doubt that some people were more than a little concerned at the time.

But no one should have to live in fear.

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