Biden Rolls Out Anti-Gun Campaign Ad Following Bump Stock Decision

AP Photo/Luca Bruno

The 2024 presidential campaign season hasn't really heated up. We had a bit during the primaries, but not much. After all, we've known who the two candidates were going to be almost from the jump, so there hasn't been a lot of advertising, debate, etc.


As we close in on the conventions, things are bound to become a lot more heated. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will soon be going after one another on a number of issues.

That clearly includes guns, since Biden has made that part of his campaign effort for some ridiculous reason.

Couple that with the bump stock decision from the Supreme Court and you've got a recipe for a Biden campaign ad.

President Biden’s reelection campaign dropped a new ad Saturday highlighting his administration’s work on gun violence prevention, just a day after the Supreme Court invalidated the Trump-era prohibition on bump stocks.

In the 30-second ad, shared with The Hill, Biden blames former President Trump for the conservative-leaning court’s decision on Friday.

The Biden administration-has defended the regulation, which banned the device that converts semi-automatic weapons to ones capable of firing hundreds of rounds per minute, in front of the high court after the Trump administration first implemented it in the wake of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting.

“When Trump was president— children gunned down in classrooms, innocent people killed in church and massacred at a concert. Still, Trump did nothing,” Biden said in the ad, arguing that the former president has often sided with the National Rifle Association.

It also notes that Biden has taken steps to expand background checks and, late last year, established the Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

“You and your family deserve to be safe and I’m going to fight like hell to see to it that you are,” Biden said in the ad.


We do deserve to be safe. The problem is that the government sucks at keeping people safe. That's why we want our gun rights protected. That way we can do it ourselves and get it done right.

Just look at Michigan, for example. A number of gun control laws were passed to prevent another mass shooting, then nine people got shot and literally none of those laws stopped the guy from doing it. The only thing that kept people from being killed was poor aim, thank God.

However, there are a few facts that Biden is omitting from his ad.

I know, it's absolutely shocking that a politician would lie in a campaign ad.

First, the rule being challenged was one from the Trump era. In other words, President Donald Trump's ATF enacted the rule in the first place. You can try to blame Trump for the rule being overturned, but without Trump, there would have been no rule in place.

Second, this wasn't a Second Amendment issue. This was about unelected bureaucrats ultimately redefining what the law says with a stroke of their pen rather than via a vote from Congress. For a party that spends a lot of time claiming they're trying to defend democracy, you'd think they'd be fine with a ruling that says the power to redefine a machine gun resides with Congress and not the ATF.


The truth of the matter is that most people aren't really thrilled about gun control, and because of that, they're not really going to get that worked up that the Supreme Court said the ATF--and, by extension, other federal agencies--can't just create law out of the blue.

As such, don't expect this ad to really resonate with most voters. It'll energize the anti-gunners and the other flavors of authoritarianism that think the government should be able to do whatever it wants, but it won't win over any new converts to the Biden cause.

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