GOA Challenging New Jersey Permitting Shenanigans

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New Jersey is playing games with the Second Amendment.

Of course, that's not surprising. It would be shocking if they didn't at least try to play some games. That doesn't mean they should have, though. It not being surprising isn't a good thing in the least. It says a lot about how little New Jersey cares for people's rights.


Our own John Petrolino touched on just what kind of games New Jersey is playing regarding carry permits a couple of weeks ago.

Yet it's not just there that they've been doing shady stuff. No, they also have a permitting requirement just to buy a gun.

The problem with these kinds of shenanigans is that sooner or later, someone is going to step up to smack you down. In this case, it's the Gun Owners of America.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation, in collaboration with the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, have filed a legal challenge against New Jersey’s stringent handgun permitting requirements and the state’s “one gun a month” law.

The challenged policies include several steps that New Jersey residents must follow to obtain a handgun permit:

  • Providing character references
  • Undergoing fingerprinting
  • Paying multiple fees
  • Enduring two separate waiting periods totaling up to 37 days
  • Undergoing two separate background checks

The Permit to Purchase a Handgun in New Jersey is valid for only 90 days and allows the purchase of a single handgun. Some counties have reportedly delayed permit issuance by up to six months. Additionally, New Jersey restricts handgun purchases to one per month.

GOA’s Senior Vice President, Erich Pratt, stated, “New Jersey represents the worst of the worst when it comes to gun control. As highlighted in our suit, residents of the state don’t have to undergo such an extensive and onerous process in order to exercise any other enumerated constitutional right. We’re very optimistic that this case will eventually be the means by which we finally dismantle New Jersey’s unconstitutional permitting policies and liberate their citizens from their anti-gun tyranny.”


Now, to those who have never bought a gun, don't care to buy a gun, and who have never spoken with anyone who was considering buying a gun, this might not seem like too big of a deal.

Yet what we're looking at is an incredibly extensive process that ignores the fact that people buy firearms for protection, meaning they don't plan out their purchases months in advance. They want a gun quickly because they feel they have a pressing need for one.

Waiting over a month just to get a permit--one that you're jumping through a ridiculous number of hoops to get--and then be relegated to just one gun per month and then it runs out in 90 days...dude, how can anyone see this and not think it'll be a problem?

"Here, go through all of this, including two separate background checks, fingerprinting, and requiring character references, all so you can buy a maximum of three guns, then you have to go through it all again if you want another one."

Nothing about that is in line with either the text or spirit of the Second Amendment.

Yes, this is New Jersey and they were always going to try to figure out how far they could push things on guns, but that doesn't make it right.


I just makes the people who voted for this crap jackwagons.

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