The Harsh Reality of Gun Trafficking

AP Photo/Marco Garcia, File

Gun trafficking from one state to another is a common refrain of anti-gun governments. In Chicago, they like to blame Indiana, for example. They claim that if you do away with gun rights or something, suddenly Chicago wouldn't have a problem with gun violence.

It's a common trope among the anti-gun set. Guns just move from pro-gun states to anti-gun states.

If that were true, however, then guns wouldn't be trafficked from anti-gun regions to other anti-gun regions.

If that were true, well, this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

A leaked memo compiled by Namibian Police commissioner Moritz !Naruseb exposed a connection between missing Namibian Police firearms and a surge in gang violence in South Africa (SA).

!Naruseb wrote the memo to Namibian Police deputy inspector Elias Mutota on 11 August 2023.

The document was compiled after a five-day investigation by the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) directorate of priority crime investigations (Hawks) to Namibia.

Questions sent to Mutota and Namibian Police national spokesperson deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi yesterday were not responded to at the time of going to print.

The Hawks visited Namibia in July last year to investigate Namibian Police firearms recovered in SA.

“SAPS said they are experiencing a serious increase in gang violence, especially shooting incidents in the Western Cape,” !Naruseb said.


He said 80 pistols belonging to the Namibian Police were confiscated in operations led by the SAPS.

“All these pistols were engraved with the letters NPW,” !Naruseb wrote, which refers to Namibian Police Weapon.

Namibia isn't exactly a pro-gun region by any stretch of the imagination. You need a good reason to possess any kind of firearm, for one thing, and you absolutely cannot have a concealed firearm unless it's unloaded, making it useless for self-defense.

They've got laws there that states like California and New York can only dream of.

Despite that, guns from Namibia are reportedly being trafficked to South Africa. From one anti-gun location to another.

The reason this happens is pretty simple. Criminals are going to obtain guns from any source they can. Remove one source, they'll shift to another. These are police guns, but criminals got hold of them and trafficked them because there was a demand for guns by South African criminals.

This is no different than bad guys getting guns in Indiana--generally from stealing them there, if we're being honest--and then driving them to Chicago for sale.

When you have restrictive gun laws, the criminals don't just throw up their hands and say, "Darn." They find a way to get firearms. They weren't getting them legally in the first place, after all, so a bit more restriction really just means black market dealers might have to adjust where they get their inventory from. That's literally all that's happening.

Gun control doesn't empower the public. It depowers them, making them more likely to be the victim of a violent crime because they couldn't jump through all the hoops to get a gun. Meanwhile, the criminals aren't paying any attention to any of that.

In this case, the trafficking happened between Namibia and South Africa. It's the exact same mechanism we're seeing between pro-gun states and anti-gun states. Gun control doesn't stop criminals because they're already breaking the law. They'll continue to break the law because none of them figure they'll get caught. They're all convinced they're master criminals who are too slick or too scary to be arrested. They're not, but how much damage gets done before they come to realize that's the case?

We can see cases like this and extrapolate just how little new gun control regulations will actually do.

The problem is that the anti-gunners reject these kinds of facts and instead decide to pretend we're completely different, that the laws of human nature won't play into reality here because we're somehow different.

It's funny, too, because these same people reject the basic idea of American exceptionalism while still figuring that we're too exceptional to have a criminal element do what they do in every other nation on the planet.