Grocer Protects Employees When Police Fail to Show

A Dallas store owner heard a commotion going on in the front of his grocery. Four armed men were attempting a robbery, demanding that other employees empty the contents of their cash registers. Without delay, store owner Joe Cho emerged with his .38 caliber revolver and fired shots at the suspects. The robbers immediately fled the scene of the crime.


After the robbery Cho waited for police to arrive after 911 had been called. After twenty minutes with no response Cho went home–only to be summoned by the police an hour later. Police say they are looking for clues to determine who was responsible and that there was confusion during Cho’s 911 call.

Asked if he was surprised or upset by the Dallas police response to his call for help, he said, “upset, definitely.”

“Twenty minutes. What the hell,” said Cho.

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