Teen Protects Younger Siblings From Unknown Intruder

Normally when we report a gun self-defense story it involves an adult–trained to use a firearm. But what happens when teens and kids are left alone, and someone comes into the home?


EMissourian has more:

A 14-year-old Union resident wielded a rifle early Thursday when a man entered a residence uninvited.

Union police said a 14-, 10- and 9-year-old were at the home located in the 800 block of West Main Street at 1:42 a.m. when they heard someone outside and one of the boys opened the back door.

The man was described as 30-40 years old, about 5 feet and 10 inches with dark hair and a full dark beard. He was wearing long pants, but no shirt, police said.

The suspect asked for a female who the boys do not know.

The 14-year-old grabbed a .22 caliber rifle and asked the man to leave.

Good on this teen for remaining calm in the situation, not resorting to violence, and protecting his siblings from a potentially dangerous situation.

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