Details are still coming in on the death of one Daniel S. Robertson, but preliminary reports indicate that he tried to beat his girlfriend with a “metal object,” and the lady next door was having none of it:

Officials say their preliminary information indicates that the man who was shot, showed up at his girlfriends apartment, forced his way in to her home and started a violent fight with her.  During the fight, a second woman, visiting her boyfriend next door, heard the door and windows breaking as well as screaming coming from the apartment.

That second woman armed herself with a 45 caliber handgun and saw the man beating his ex girlfriend with a metal object outside on the sidewalk. When she tried to intervene, the man attacked her, striking her in the face and she shot him.  Deputies later found him dead in the parking lot.

Going by his previous arrest record for contempt of court, Robertson was 6″0″ and 180 lbs.

How do you think this might have ended up for both women if the shooter, Vickie Rock, didn’t have a pistol to stop his assault?