Caught on tape: two men remove "Recall Morse" signs in Colorado recall election crime

If there is one thing anti-gun Democrats hate as much as the Second Amendment right to own a gun, it’s the First Amendment right of people to criticize them for it.

Revealing Politics caught these two men removing “Recall Morse” signs today in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Senate President John Morse is currently in a recall election in Colorado because of his support of anti-gun laws, along with state senator Angela Giron.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other rich East Coast Democrats are pouring everything they can into Colorado to defeat the recalls, fearing that if either Morse or Giron is beaten, then the national gun control movement dies with it.

To date, anti-gun Democrats have outspent those who called for the recall by more than 6-1, but they apparently feel that they have to stoop to dirty tricks—and outright theft—as well.