A pair of attempted carjackers in Wilmington got more than they bargained for when their intended victim gave them an eyeful of muzzle:

Two would-be robbers did not get away with much after attempting to rob a person at a stoplight in Wilmington Thursday morning.

According to the Wilmington Police Department, officers responded to Third and Wooster Streets just after midnight for a reported armed robbery.

Police said the victim was stopped a few blocks up at 13th and Wooster Streets, smoking a cigarette with his arm out the window when someone grabbed his arm.

The victim told police when he looked over he saw someone pointing a gun at him and yelled, “Give me your truck!”

Police said the would-be robbers ran away when the victim pulled out his own gun and pointed it at the suspect.

Most defensive gun uses end without a shot being fired. Like we saw with the convenience store clerk last week, merely the presence of a competently-handled firearm sends the bad guys running.

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