The Logic of Violence

NRA commentator Billy Johnson does a masterful job of explaining the logic of violence in this must-see video.

If you take it to heart and understand the political logic to violence, you understand the “need” for gun control laws by proponents of big government. They need a certain amount of violence to nudge people towards ever-greater dependence on the government for protection, and if there are enough armed citizens to reduce crime to minimal levels, then that dependence on government is lessened.

Cynical politicians know that some people are will to ignore Ban Franklin’s admonition and will readily trade their essential liberties for temporary safety. Groups such as Mayors Agains All Illegal and Guns Moms Demand Action trade in this currency of fear in hopes of seizing more political power for themselves.

How do you stop the logic of violence and reduce the power of government and these liberty-infringement groups?

Precisely the way American gun owners have been addressing it for the last 40+ years of declining violent crime: you make violence by criminals prohibitively dangerous (and therefore illogical) by increasing the probability that violent criminals will meet up with armed citizens. As “shall issue” concealed carry laws have expanded across the nation along with “stand your ground” laws, the criminal element (and the big government politicians that need their violence) have been rocked back on their heels.

No one pretends that every outcomes between armed citizens and criminals will turn out favorably for the criminals, but enough of them have ended in criminals winding up dead or injured to have changed a crime dynamic in this nation.

That’s one just one aspect of the logic of violence that anti-gun politicians would rather ignore.