Century Arms C39 (100% American-made AK-47) - Part 1 - 1,000 Round Torture Test

Century Arms has had an “iffy” reputation as gun builder, but the Centurion 39 fired here went through 1,000 rounds without a gun-related stoppage and just one magazine-related failure-to-feed.


It got hot by the 3rd magazine (most rifles will), and melted away the front grip and all but one of the rail covers before the final shot was fired. In the end, the railed handguard was a little loose, but it didn’t appear that it was anything that a little locktite couldn’t easily fix.

One thing that won’t be easily fixed is the glass in the truck cap that comes crashing down around the 9:51 mark, just after you hear some gunfire off camera.

almost shot

It seems a projectile was involved, as  you can see smoked glass fragments blown out to the side about bumper high in the screen capture above. All in all, it was a very solid performance for the rifle considering the rate of fire.

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