TWANGnBANG introduces CUTERSHOOTER (daughter's first time shooting)

TWANGnBANG is tickled pink that his daughter is finally interested in shooting a gun for the first time, and offers up some really good advice on how to introduce a new shooter to the wonderful world of firearms in a non-intimidating manner. TWANGnBANG is very fortunate that he lives in an area where he can obtain a suppressor for his .22LR rifle, as shooting a suppressed rimfire is simply the least intimidating way to introduce a new shooter to the sport.


Suppressors are safety equipment that reduce the noise of (most) firearms to a more safe level, and reduce the risk of hearing damage. It is for that reason that I would love to see a real push from industry groups to push for suppressors to be removed entirely from the National Firearms Act (NFA ’34), and treated either the same as a firearm, or removed from regulation entirely.

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