Gun owners by and large have proven themselves to be responsible, law-abiding folks who take special care to follow the rules that come with owning a gun.

That being said, there’s a small (ever increasing) part of the populace that decides to ignore these important safety precautions, often leading to fatal injuries. We’ve seen what can happen when a teenager gets his hands on a gun and tries to look cool around his friends.

For frequent readers of this website, we don’t need to tell you how to properly handle firearms, but let’s just say the people in the following videos have proven themselves unfit to wield the responsibility that comes with firearm ownership.

Here are five of the most inexcusable gun fail videos (that thankfully didn’t end with fatal consequences):

1) Teen tries his best Dirty Harry impersonation.

2) In Soviet Russia…

3) “Dude my mom’s gonna kill me.”

4) Never under any circumstance should you look down the barrel of a live gun.

5) And finally, a short compilation showcasing some of America’s worst gun owners.