Texas Woman Shoots Abusive Fiancé In Apparent Self Defense

A 27-year-old Arlington, Texas woman shot and killed her 33-year-old fiancé in their home. Hours after being detained and questioned, the woman was released.

The attack happened around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday. The woman called the police and admitted she shot her fiancé in self-defense.


The two had three young children in the house. Flores’ nephew, Christian Canales, and his girlfriend, Luisa Quintana also lived with them.

Canales and Quintana say didn’t hear anything before or after the shooting.

“It was just silence,” Quintana said. “I mean, it was a loud thump, no screaming, no yelling, nothing.”

The young man, Flores Canales had a violent history of domestic violence and the woman’s wounds were consistent with an attack.

“I can tell you that we do firmly believe she was victimized,” Arlington Police Sgt. VaNessa Harrison said. “We didn’t want to further victimize her.”

Although the Arlington Police Department isn’t releasing specific details, they have evidence of prior incidents between the two where the woman was hurt.


According to Flores’ sister, Lorena, her younger brother suffered from PTSD from his time in the Marines but he was seeking help.

“I just want everyone to know, you know, he wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t deserve to die,” she said. “Nobody deserves to die.”

Currently, no charges have been filed against the woman. The Arlington Police Department will be handing over their findings to the district attorney’s office, who will then decide if the woman is prosecuted.

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