VIDEO: Union Members Admit They Lie to Voters About Guns

With less than a week until the 2016 elections, Democrats are so worried about their chances of securing the White House, they’re willing to lie to ensure their success on Election Day. (but what’s new, amiright?)


Project Veritas has released new undercover video of Celinda Lake, a general consultant for Bill Clinton in 1992 and Democratic pollster and operative with the AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood as well as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. The video was taken at a private meeting between Lake and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) to discuss strategy for the remainder of the election.

During the informal gathering, Lake admitted that union leaders lie to voters to get their candidates elected. Michael Dolan, a legislative representative for the Teamsters, admitted to lying – especially about guns.

Lake: You guys are not going to lie to them (voters) about how pensions work and stuff like that and risking things on Wall Street and loopholes. You might lie to them about whether someone (a candidate) is really good on their guns or something like that. You might lie to them about…

Dolan: Oh no, we do.

Lake: Well, you’re in good hands with Lake Research Partners!

How do we know when Democrats are lying? If their lips are moving:

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