CNN: Blacks are Buying Guns Because of Trump's Racist Supporters

Over the last year, the National African-American Gun Association (NAAGA) has seen their membership double to 18,000 members. NAAGA attributes a large portion of their growth to the election of President Donald Trump.

“I’d be lying to you if I said Donald Trump hasn’t affected our numbers,” NAAGA President Philip Smith told CNN. “They have jumped off the roof.”

Most of the new NAAGA members joined out of fear of racist fringe groups that have sprung up since Trump took the lead in the Republican Primary. African Americans purchasing firearms out of fear and the need for self-protection.

“I think the election of Donald Trump just kind of came at a time where people have a heightened awareness of personal safety,” NAAGA member Sean Campbell explained.

CNN cites a Southern Poverty Law Center statistic saying, “There were 867 cases of hateful harassment in the U.S. in the 10 days after Election Day.”

Even though CNN wants to paint a very clear tie between the these harassment cases and the number of African-Americans who purchased guns, there’s no proof that the two have a direct correlation. Were all of these cases against African-Americans by people of another race? Were any of the new gun owners directly involved in these cases? How is this information being confirmed?

CNN also cites a Pew Research Center statistic saying, “Although African-Americans are beginning to buy more guns, they represent only about 19% of registered gun owners in the U.S.”

CNN can’t even pick their narrative and stick with it.

One minute they’re saying African-Americans are buying guns out of fear for their safety, that they’re afraid of being attacked by racist white nationalists. Another minute they’re saying African-Americans aren’t buying enough guns to defend themselves. But this is the same news station is that is adamantly in favor of gun control. After all, they cite “gun violence” as their reason to push the gun control agenda.

Which is it?

Either you’re against all guns for all Americans, regardless of race, or you’re in favor of anyone, regardless of race or income, owning a gun. You can’t pick and choose who the Second Amendment – and the Constitution – can and should apply to. Cherry picking our God-given rights is a very dangerous game. And it’s one that the media likes to pick at on a constant basis.