WATCH: Colion Noir's EPIC Response to Black Lives Matters

Ever since Dana Loesch’s NRA ad, “The Violence of Lies,” came to light, gun control advocates on the left have used one major talking point: that the NRA is made up of white conservatives want to oppress black Americans.


The left was so upset with Loesch’s condemning of violence that Black Lives Matters created an ad refuting the NRA. In the ad, BLM calls for black people to stand up and “fight this violence with a raised clenched fist of black resistance.”

NRATV’s Colion Noir explains the hypocrisy behind the Black Lives Matters organization getting upset over Loesch’s ad:

According to this Black Lives Matters video, the only people capable of racism against black people are white conservatives. Yet the agreciously poor state of our black communities have come under the leadership of the same liberal politicians, the same liberal organizations and liberal billionaires of the last 50 years. And our inner-city communities are still in disrepair.

Noir goes on to explain the real issues in black communities, which are a direct result of liberal policies.

Yes, our inner-city schools are a disaster. They’re embarassingly underfunded and have been for decades. These places function more like training facilities for prisons than they do schools. But our inner-city schools aren’t underfunded because the NRA.

Schools are largely underfunded by the property taxes in the local area. So it’s no surprise that the most affluent areas have the best schools. Take Chicago an their dirt poor education system under the leadership of Rahm Emanuel. These people are renting or in public housing. They can’t afford to buy a house in the middle of the beautiful suburbs of Chicago with a good school system. They can’t live in the north side of Chicago either, where despite the same tax base, the schools are magically better funded.

These families can’t afford it because they’re living on a single income of a household headed by a single black mother. The question then becomes: what happened to the fathers?


Watch Noir explain the drastic impact liberal policies on black communities:

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