Once again, a home invasion was stopped by a good guy with a gun. This time, it was a nuclear plant security officer woken by a man banging on his home’s door in the early hours of the morning. For those of you who don’t know their backgrounds, most nuclear plant guards have law enforcement or military backgrounds (or both), and they are trained to counter terrorist attacks. The home invader might have been able to find a worst person to attack, but it would have taken some dedicated effort:

Blood stained the front door and lawn of the west Pasco house where police say an intruder was shot to death by the homeowner early Friday morning.

Police found Stephan Sergio Aceves, 28, dead shortly after 2:30 a.m. in the yard near the front door of the house at 8011 Savary Drive. Aceves was reportedly trying to get into the house when he was shot by Rudy Ontiveros Jr., a nuclear plant security guard, who was home with his girlfriend and young children.

Police did not disclose the identity of the homeowner Friday. The Herald confirmed Ontiveros’ name through property records and social media.

Based on the description of how the attack went down—with Aceves loudly banging on the door, then trying to hide, then attacking the homeowner—I suspect that the coroner will discover that the attacker was under the influence of some sort of mind-altering drug at the time of the attack. I hope that Ontiveros and his family can move on from this attack.