Citizen control cultists dream of a world in which there is no right to bear arms.

They imagine a world in which handguns are completely outlawed along with centerfire rifles, and the few legal firearms that do remain are tightly regulated by the state.

They dream of a world in which only agents of the state have guns.

Is this their dream?

In this nine-minute long video, we know that Venezuelan riot police and a police vehicle have come into a neighborhood, and that they come under attack.  The unseen and apparently inept opponents are armed with rocks and a pair of small Molotov cocktails, which they hurl at the police vehicle, and miss.

There is a cut in the video—we are to presume there is a time lapse—and the well-equipped riot police are replaced with a different and rather ragtag police unit, armed with shields, tear gas, and what appear to be a smattering of shotguns. They are soon joined by the Tupamaros, Marxist irregulars loyal to the regime. Think of them as “Occupy Caracas.”

It soon becomes obvious that the police brought in the Tupamaros to engage with the protesters so that they can claim “plausible deniability” for any atrocities that are about to take place.

The thugs mix in with and literally hide behind the police, as does this thug firing a slingshot from behind a police officer.

Other cops stand around and watch as Tupamaros steal a minibike from in front of one of the buildings, and set it on fire. Arson? Domestic Terrorism? No, my friends… this is just “justice.”

The police and the Tupamaros form up and hatch a plan as they stand in front of the wall. “Justice” needs to be administered in the apartment building on the other side of the street, as well.

The official and unofficial thugs of the socialist state act in concert to break through the gates.

What happens when the Tupamaros get inside? We simply don’t know, as the cameraman is trapped inside his own building. I’m going to assume that the Tupamaros administered a firm lecture to those they encountered, then sent them on their way with a kindly pat on the head. I’m going to make that assumption because of the long and pieceful (SWIDT?) history of Marxism.

The citizens being terrorized can do little but watch as events unfold, as their Constitution isn’t concerned with unalienable rights.

Protect the rights you have, and fight for them fiercely. If you do not, you may one day find yourself in a situation where you will have to fight fiercely without them.