daniel pearman

Well, the headline isn’t exactly true.

Daniel Pearman did indeed bring a knife with him as his weapon of choice as he attempted to rob a couple at knifepoint on the patio of their Alabama home, but the the fight left him the moment the homeowner fought his way back inside the home and retrieved his gun.

Police say a homeowner pulled a gun on a knife wielding man after an attempted armed robbery and held him at bay until police arrived.

Tuscaloosa police say a married couple was eating breakfast on their back porch Sunday morning when 21-year-old Daniel Pearman approached them demanding money.

Authorities say the homeowner fought the man and his wife ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911. Police say the man ran inside his home and Pearman followed him, continuing to demand money and valuables.

Police say Pearman eventually left and the homeowner caught up with him after finding his gun and held Pearman at gunpoint.

Mr. Pearman, Dean Wormer has some advice for you.