A belligerent man named Moises Torres  went storming through the sixth floor hallway of a San Antonio hotel, breaking overhead lights and mumbling that he was looking of someone to kill, according to hotel guests.

He found someone.

Witnesses told police Torres had been disruptive in the hallway on the sixth floor shortly before the shooting. They said they heard Torres banging on doors and saying he was looking for someone to kill.

“The individual who was shot was apparently breaking some lights in the ceiling. When the other guest walked by him, there was some type of at least verbal altercation. This is all preliminary,” said McManus.

One man heard what was going on and called hotel security. That man, described to be in his 40s, waited until he thought it was safe and opened the door to his room.

Police said when he opened the door, Torres allegedly charged at the man and a woman who was with him. The man drew a pistol and fired once at Torres, shooting him in the chest.

Torres died at the scene.

The man who shot Torres was a concealed carry permit holder. If incident was anything at all like the force-on-force training I saw this past Saturday in force-on-force scenario training I’m willing to bet that he had just enough time to pull his pistol from his holster, rotate it, and fire a one-handed shot from the hip while fending off Torres with his support-side hand.

As far as defensive shootings go this was fairly typical, with the attacker giving the defender very little warning and rushing him from close range to carry out a physical assault.

Can anyone tell me the very obvious (in hindsight) mistake that the concealed carrier made?

[Hotel photo via SanAntonioRevierwalk.com]