Everytown for Gun Safety’s “domestic violence” ad backfired spectacularly, was it was viewed by many who saw the ad (including Everytown supporters) as an affirmation of why women should own firearms for self-defense.

A woman in Vancouver, Washington has now apparently lived out that nightmare scenario… with the emphasis on “living.”

Sheriff deputies confirm a woman shot and killed her boyfriend late Tuesday night inside a home the couple was renting.

Police said what began as a domestic dispute escalated into a shooting with a hand gun, killing 44-year-old Scott Grossman at roughly 11:00 p.m. in the 200 block of Northwest 94th Street.

The woman, whose name and age are not being released by police, was not criminally charged and she is not expected to appear in court.

Clark County Major Crimes Team supervisor Sgt. Kevin Allais would not comment on any possible self-defense motives, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation. Details of the couple’s relationship were not released.

neighbor indicates that Mr. Grossman came home on a motorcycle around 11:00 PM. While this neighbor did not hear the gunshots, there appear to have been 911 calls reporting shots fired and an injured man down at approximately the same time, so it appears that Mr. Grossman was not home for very long before he was shot.

Grossman’s girlfriend, who has not been named, apparently shot him at close range with a handgun.

Authorities have not released any information explaining the woman’s apparent need to use deadly force in self-defense. Other news accounts suggest that there may have been other people inside the home who were witnesses to the event.

Everytown’s ad suggested that women are nothing more than defenseless victims, without the ability to provide for their own safety.

This woman rather emphatically disagreed with their assessment of  women like her as a “permanent victim” to be exploited as an excuse to infringe upon basic civil rights.