The audio portion of a videochat purports to have captured the sounds of the shots fired by Officer Darren Wilson at Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. CNN broke the the story, and invited talking heads to ascribe meaning to the audio.

Here’s CNN’s Don “I can buy a machine gun in 20 minutes” Lemon interviewing Lopa Blumenthal, a lawyer of the person who claims to have recorded the audio.

The audio captures the sound of what appears to be a cluster of six shots, followed by pause of roughly three seconds, followed by what sounds like four more shots.

CNN of made a big deal about the audio and what it might mean to the investigation.

Some people on social media are using the audio to claim that it proves that Officer Wilson “murdered” Michael Brown. Others are claiming that it exonerates Officer Wilson, suggesting that he fired a number of shots, reassessed the situation, and then deemed it necessary to reengage Michael Brown again.

This audio is proving to be something of a Rorshach test.

It seems to mean very little in and of itself (indeed, it hasn’t yet been authenticated). It doesn’t sound consistent with the pattern or number of shots fired as described by any of the eyewitnesses, and Officer Wilson’s account hasn’t been released.

All the same yet people are choosing to claim that it supports their narrative, whatever it may be.

[Note: I originally had no intention of covering this “breaking news,” as it isn’t directly related to Second Amendment issues. Several readers asked my opinion on what I thought the audio may mean for the investigation via email and Twitter, however, and I like to try answer reader’s questions to the best of my ability.]

Update: CNN now seems concerned that the recording may be a hoax.