Gun control advocate Shannon Watts is attempting use social media and billboards to bully Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery store chain, into banning the lawful carry of firearms by their customers.

Kroger follows all local, state, and federal laws regarding the open and concealed carry of firearms, and doesn’t want Moms Demand (or any other gun control groups) dictating policies to their employees that would have them unnecessarily confronting customers.

That attempt to bully Kroger into submission has become a bit harder over the past 72 hours, as a mob attack on a Kroger shopper and employees in Memphis Saturday night has been followed by a self-defense shooting outside an Indianapolis Kroger this morning during an attempted robbery:

A person was shot and killed in an attempted robbery on the city’s near west side Monday morning.

The shooting happened near the intersection of West Michigan Street and North Holmes Avenue just before 6:20 a.m.

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan police, a man says he shot another man who tried to rob him. That man was taken away in handcuffs for questioning, police said.

The person killed in the shooting was found next to an ATM with a handgun. Police doing roll call across the street at West District Headquarters heard gunshots and ran to investigate the source. The shooter put his hands up and surrendered when officers arrived.

New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg is funding Watts and the Moms Demand Action attempt to bully Kroger into disarming the 100 million American gun owners that shop in their stores.

The plot by Moms Demand is part of a Temperance Movement-like crusade to bully private businesses into forcing gun control on their customers when Moms Demand failed to pass the gun control laws they wanted through state legislatures.

With every crime committed outside a retail establishment, their movement continues to lose credibility.