Larry Vickers went to Gunsite Academy in Paulden, AZ,  with Frank Galli, founder of Sniper’s Hide to attempt a 2,000 meter (1.243 miles) shot with Gunsite Instructor (and long range .50-caliber multi-world champion) Walt Wilkinson* spotting.

You have to have a good shooter and good equipment to even think about making such a shot, but it’s the skill of the spotter (in a sniper team the spotter is typically the more experienced/skilled member) that makes this attempt possible.

You’ll note as you listen to the video that to hit the target, they had to hold “30 mils high.”

Translated from rifleman to English, that means that at 2,000 meters, the barrel was pointing up at such an angle that the bullet was 60 meters above the ground at its apex, and would have easily cleared an office building 10 stories high before plunging back down into the target.

At the end of the video they talk about the Extreme Long Range (XLR) Class and facilities at Gunsite. I hope to someday develop the skills to justify taking the class.


* Walt was one of the instructors in my 250 Pistol class in August. He really knows shooting.