A good Samaritan in Cleveland was helping two women change a flat tire when a carload of teen thugs targeted them for a robbery.

The criminals pulled a gun on the man and two women and thought that they had an easy score.

They didn’t expect the good Samaritan to pull his own gun and drop the gunman  in an exchange of fire:

According to a report, a 29-year-old male was critically injured during a robbery on E. 55 and Grand.

The victim, who police say was assisting two females change a tire, was shot in the upper body, after suspects drove up in another vehicle, asking the trio asking for directions.

Officers state that as the victim provided directions, one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and began to rob the victim and the two women.

Passengers in the suspect’s vehicle also got out of the car and participated in the robbery.

At some point during the robbery the victim drew his own weapon and he and the suspect exchanged gunfire striking each other.

The injured suspect was located on scene by police with multiple gunshots to his leg.

The other suspects fled the scene.

Officers on scene received information regarding the whereabouts of three juvenile suspects in the 3800 block of E.55 that were identified as participants in the robbery.

All three were arrested.

The good Samaritan was in critical condition as a result of the shooting. If he doesn’t make it, all four of the captured suspects may face murder charges. If he pulls through—and we sincerely hope that he does—he will recover knowing that he helped take four criminals off the street, and perhaps prevented them from murdering the two female victims, or other victims the quartet of criminals might have victimized in the future.