Michael Bloomberg’s gun prohibition group Moms Demand Action has been carrying out a social media campaign in an attempt to bully the Kroger corporation into banning the carry of firearms in their stores. The group claims that there is never a reason you might need to carry a firearm in or near a grocery store.

Are they sure about that?

A suspect who reportedly robbed a customer at a grocery store here Monday night remains at large.

The incident was reported around 7:15 p.m. at Kroger Marketplace, 7300 Yankee Road, in the Liberty Commons shopping center, according to the Lt. Morgan Dallman of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Liberty Twp. substation.

When the man entered the restroom, another man put what he believed was a gun to the back of his head and demanded money. The man relinquished his wallet to the suspect and the suspect fled the scene.

This is the third violent crime in or near a Kroger in recent weeks, with a teen mob beating a customer and two employees unconscious in Memphis, TN, and a man shooting a robber in self-defense in Kroger parking lot in Indianapolis, Indiana, just miles from the home of Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts. The number of crimes at or near any given Kroger store is low, but they are obviously not immune to crime.

Kroger has steadfastly refused to pass store policies that would put employees in the awkward position of having to tell some customers that they are unwelcome because of the hoplophobia of a small number of activists. Kroger instead wisely chooses to follow local, state, and federal laws instead of attempting to curtail the rights of their customers.