One of two employees of Karsch’s Village Market in Barnhart, Missouri who tried to convince a heavily intoxicated man that he shouldn’t attempt to get behind the wheel of his vehicle yesterday morning was forced to draw his concealed weapon and shoot the intoxicated man in self defense.

The incident started around 10 a.m. Thursday at Karsch’s Village Market in the 1700 block of Old State Road M in Barnhart when a man suspected to be intoxicated walked into the store and caused a disturbance.

Jefferson County Sheriff Olive “Glenn” Boyer says an employee approached 48-year-old Robert Lawson, of Imperial, Missouri, and asked him to leave the store and surrender his keys. Boyer says the employee told Lawson they would get him a ride home.

Lawson left the store, but refused to surrender his keys. The employee followed Lawson to his vehicle, continuing to ask for the keys.

Boyer says Lawson got into his vehicle, reached in the glove box, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at the employee.

The employee, who has a conceal carry permit, pulled out his gun and shot Lawson two or three times. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Boyer says the employee was questioned but not detained.

Other accounts confirm that there were two employees attempting to convince Lawson to surrender his keys and not drive drunk, as other employees were making a call to attempt get police officers there so that Lawson would not be a vehicular threat to himself or others.

Lawson apparently had a history of showing up at the store while intoxicated, and had been asked to leave on prior occasions.

Shannon Watts and her shrill group of bullies at Bloomberg front group Moms Demand Action always rhetorically ask why someone might need a gun at a supermarket. The obvious reason is that criminals—including the criminally insane and the dangerously drunk or high—can strike without warning anywhere, at any time.

Moms Demand Action is still apparently attempting to bully supermarket giant Kroger into banning the lawful open carry of holstered handguns in their stores.

This is just the latest of a long list of examples proving that guns are needed to save lives, even at highly traveled public locations, such grocery stores.