We told you yesterday about the story of “Florida Man” Michael Foster, the man who attacked concealed carry permit holder Clarence Daniels as Mr. Daniels entered Walmart for no reason whatsoever.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff has released story video of the attack, as show above.

You’ll note that the much larger, younger and stronger Foster attacked Daniels from behind, and nearly injures two small children as he throws Mr. Daniels to the ground.

Passersby, uncertain of what is going on, but hearing Foster screaming that Mr. Daniels has a gun, help immobilize him in what appears to be “just in case” involvement until law enforcement officers arrive, review the footage, and arrested Foster for battery.

Frankly, I have to wonder if part of the reason for Foster’s attack is that he saw a black man with a gun and assumed that Mr. Daniels just had to be a criminal.

Let’s hope that Foster has a nice, long prison sentence to consider his folly.

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