Alternative Ballistics, based in San Diego California, shows an inside look at what it would be like to use “The Alternative”. It’s a handgun accessory which prevents death by firing a bullet that embeds to a metallic ball while shooting, causing harm to the suspect, but not killing him/her.

In a stressful situation, you will not rise to the occasion. You will default to your training. This has been pounded into my head by one firearms instructor after another, including those who train law enforcement officers.

Most people I know who have undergone law enforcement training are taught to fire “controlled pairs” (two sight pictures, two trigger presses) or “hammers” (one sight picture, two fast trigger presses) at shorter ranges, along with “failure drills” (a controlled pair to the center of mass, followed by a third shot to the head). Two shots. Two shots. Three shots.

Officers are taught to fire multiple shots before assessing the situation because handguns are inherently weak, and a single shot is very unlikely to stop a lethal force threat.

I don’t see the law enforcement officer using “the Alternative” overcoming his training when he puts a clown nose on his gun. I see him firing the clown nose at the suspect, with the second, real bullet impacting a split second later. It is what he has trained his entire career. He will default to his training.

You do not mix lethal and less-lethal in the same weapon.

That is a recipe for disaster, and all but ensures that lives will be lost.

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