Two East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, brothers are in jail after they broke into the wrong home attempting to terrorize someone who didn’t live there.

The homeowner who did live there. did what any responsible person defending his family would do, and opened fire on the criminals when they continued to threaten his family:

Delaney says the homeowner shot one of the brothers in the pectoral and through the arm. Both brothers fled the scene and were stopped running on Webber Street by quick responding police officers.

Arrested were 24-year-old Jordan Eady and 22-year-old Jason Eady, both of East Longmeadow.

Police determined the shooting to be justified in self-defense. The homeowner, who was home with a 3-year-old child, had a valid license to carry a firearm.

Jordan Eady was taken to Baystate Medical Center after being shot.

“It was an outstanding arrest by the responding officers, detective bureau and Massachusetts State Police,” Delaney said. “It appears that the Eady brothers were at the wrong house and picked the wrong homeowner to threaten.”

The idiot brothers were both charged with armed burglary and the threat of murder.

You’ll note that the homeowner was completely innocent in this situation, and was not (to the best we can determine) involved in any sort of criminal activity. He played by all the rules, and complied with Massachusetts laws in every respect. He had no reason to fear that criminals would invade is home.

That was irrelevant in this instance, because the Eady brothers showed up on his doorstep anyway, and would not see reason.

You can lead a perfectly law-abiding life, being honorable and decent to a fault, have excellent situational awareness and self-defense skills, never go anywhere where the threat of criminal activity is higher than average, and still have criminals show up at your place of work, your place of business, or any of the various places that you go in pursuing an honorable, normal daily life.

Being a good person is not a valid self-defense model.

It is entirely true that refusing to associate with criminals and staying away from criminal activity greatly lessens your risk exposure, but as the father of this three-year-old and many other law abiding citizens discover every year, criminal activity can strike even the best and most prepared of us.

In this incident in East Longmeadow, the homeowner was in his own home, bother no one when two criminals forced their way into his home with the intent of visiting violence upon him, even though he had done nothing wrong.

It was only the presence of his firearm that kept this homeowner from physical harm.

Learn the law. Learn to shoot. Protect those you love.

If you won’t, who will?