The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun… and when a good guy with a gun isn’t around, a gutsy lady with the ability to bluff just might do.

A couple of burglars in California picked the wrong yard to cut through!

Two suspects had allegedly robbed an elderly couple’s home in Marilyn Williams’ neighborhood.

She grabbed her gun when she heard a commotion involving police outside.

It turns out that Williams is a former high school ROTC member who once earned a sharpshooter medal.

Williams was there with her rifle, in position to fire, when one of the suspects hopped over her fence during his getaway.

“I kept telling at him: I’m gonna shoot you!” she told a local reporter.

Williams’ response forced the suspects to take off, dropping a mask, weapon and the pillowcase full of jewelry.

Williams is very fortunate that the suspect chose to cut and run. While the scoped rifle in her hand sure looks intimidating, she’s actually armed with an air rifle.

It was a good bluff, but folks… don’t try this at home.