Preliminary autopsy results show that claims by a dishonest “eyewitness” who claimed Akiel Denkins was “shot in the back seven times while fleeing” were completely false.

Denkins was shot four times by a Raleigh police officer.

The fatal shot was a bullet strike to his right chest that struck Denkins’s heart and both lungs. There were also wounds to his left forearm, right upper arm and right shoulder.

Forensics from the investigation should be able to provide a clearer picture of how Raleigh police officer D.C. Twiddy and Akiel Denkins were positioned when shots were fired, and whether Denkins fired any of the shots reported by numerous people who reported hearing 6-7 shots.

I would note that it is quite possible, even likely that Denkins had turned and was pointing the gun recovered beside his body at Officer Twiddy when he was shot. It would not be the first time in recent memory that a criminal being chased by an officer turned to fire at the officer, but didn’t know how to work the safety on an illegally-acquired gun.

This has every appearance of being another case of a felon attempting to murder a police officer, and coming up short.

Update: Denkins was indeed killed attempting to shoot Officer Twiddy.