Remember that story Jenn covered a couple of weeks ago, about the jeweler in Henderson, Nevada, who was kidnapped, broke his zip ties, got his concealed weapon and then smoked (quite literally) his two attackers?

It turns out that his “friend” and fellow kidnapping “victim” was part of the conspiracy, and is now facing a laundry list of criminal charges.

Police say the victim was asked about accessing a jewelry store he worked at in Las Vegas. The victim told the three suspects he could not access the jewelry store he worked at without keys.

The driver then drove the men to the victim’s house to retrieve the store keys.

The victim was able to break free from the zip-ties and use his concealed firearm, firing several shots, killing [kidnappers] ]Wilson and Auston.

The car traveling at a slow rate of speed, careened off the road, hitting a house and causing a fire within the engine compartment.

Kleynen [fellow kidnapper, false “friend”] admitted to police that he planned and staged his own kidnapping with Auston for the purpose of deceiving and robbing the victim.

The victim will not be charged with any crime as detectives have determined he acted in self-defense.

Kleynen is being held at the Henderson Detention Center on charges that include conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping, first-degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery with a deadly weapon and attempted robbery with a deadly weapon.

It may sounds callous, but I’m probably not going to comply with the demands of a kidnapper, whether he has a friend or family member held hostage. My concern that complying will give the kidnapper two victims and more leverage, and is likely to end up with two dead victims instead of one. I’d instead look to bypass the hostage taker and attempt a contact range shot.

That may not be an option for the vast majority of people, as most do not carry firearms on a regular basis, even when they have the legal option to do so.