Hillary Clinton has declared that “reducing gun violence” is a driving interest of her 2016 Presidential campaign.

Her rhetoric, however doesn’t come close to matching her actions (or deal with the reality that murders are at an all-time low as gun ownership is at an all-time high).

Instead of targeting the segment of the population that is responsible for committing the majority of the nation’s violent crimes—young minority males involved in criminal gangs, typically associated with the narcotics trade, using stolen or straw-purchased handguns—Mrs. Clinton’s policy suggestions attack another group entirely.

Mrs. Clinton is instead attacking law-abiding gun owners. She attacks laws designed to protect the firearms industry from frivolous lawsuits. She suggests banning those firearms (AR-15s and similar modern sporting rifles) incredibly popular for self-defense, target shooting, and hunting, but which are so rarely used in crimes that the FBI doesn’t even track them by type.

Mrs. Clinton is pandering to mostly white, wealthy, suburban and urban liberals with her dishonest rhetoric on “stopping gun violence,” while utterly ignoring the much deeper structural problems evidenced in the cell phone video below.

The video description of this incident from LiveLeak is chilling.

from author “This is how our babies die everyday. I was riding down 154th in Harvey,Illinois and I saw 2 little boys creeping from the side of a building, one on each side. I said they’re bad as hell. Looked in my rear view mirror to see what they were up to, and he’s stuffing what seems to be a gun in his shorts. I went down 2 blocks (not to seem obvious) and turned around, got out and this is what occurred. A passerby happened to see (My cousin who knows this child’s mother) called me and said his mom wants the gun back because she purchased it but clearly in the video the kid says it’s his friends and he’s taking it back to him. I had the mom call me and she is livid! She wants this gun back. ? I told her I can’t do that. She said she’d purchase another one. This needs to shared because PARENTS ARE BREEDING MURDERS, THIEVES AND RAPISTS. I hope this goes viral like all the other useless videos I see… This occurred on 4/23/16 in Harvey, ILL which is just 15 minutes south of Chicago, ILL”

Let’s read that again.

“She wants this gun back. ? I told her I can’t do that. She said she’d purchase another one. This needs to shared because PARENTS ARE BREEDING MURDERS, THIEVES AND RAPISTS.”

This violent thug culture is what is putting people in bodybags, Mrs. Clinton.

A cycle of dependency, poverty, and despair caused by decades of failed social policy and failed cultural values is the real problem.

Let me be very blunt. Your attack on guns and the firearm industry is a strawman fallacy, Mrs. Clinton. You’re attempting to blame inanimate objects for the actions of people.

Real life isn’t a Brady Bunch episode where some sort of voodoo talisman changes or dictates the behavior of people. People are instead responding to the situations in which they find themselves, because they’ve been failed by their own bad decisions, their cultures, their communities and their government.

As this woman in Harvey, Illinois notes, failed culture is what is driving the cycle of violence in her community and in many others. When you have a plan for addressing those problems, Mrs. Clinton, we’ll see the historically low levels of violent crime reduced even further.

Stop attacking law-abiding citizens.

Stop attacking law-abiding companies.

Start helping communities address their cultural problems, instead of pandering to your rich, white, liberal donors.

Is it really that hard for you to do the right thing, Mrs. Clinton?