A Knoxville woman was found dead outside a home Friday after the male homeowner opened fired as she attempted to force her way into the home.

Police have identified a woman shot dead early Friday morning at a home in Northwest Knoxville.

Officers responding to the shooting call about 5:30 a.m. at 3305 McKamey Road found Stacie Mundy, 38, of Knoxville, lying on the ground near the back door of the home, police said. She’d been shot at least once and was taken by ambulance to University of Tennessee Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead, according to a Knoxville Police Department news release.

Police said the preliminary investigation found Mundy was forcing her way into the home when the male homeowner shot her “in defense of his life.” At least one other resident of the home knew Mundy at the time of the shooting, police said.

The homeowner and several other people at the home were taken to the Safety Building and interviewed by investigators. After reviewing the facts of the investigation with the District Attorney General’s Office, KPD said police declared the shooting a justifiable homicide and declined to file charges, releasing all the individuals.

Munday had a record of three drug-related arrests in 2016.

The shooting has already been declared a justifiable homicide.