Sour grapes from Morse as he leaves office as a result of the Colorado recall

A bitter loser’s bitter words:

Bernie Herpin was used as a pawn in an election where almost 80 percent of voters did not even participate and only 11 percent of the district elected him. Make no mistake about it — he was elected in a myopic recall where he ran on only one issue. Senate District 11 has dynamic needs and is not defined by one issue.


Former Colorado Senate Majority John Morse still has contempt for the voters who tossed him from office. For that matter, so does Angela Giron—she originally blamed her 12-point thrashing on “voter suppression” in her Democratic-majority district—but she has enough sense to at least feign leaving gracefully.

I’m leaving, not on my own terms, but with my integrity intact and with the sure and certain knowledge that Colorado and Pueblo are safer with these modest gun safety laws.

Giron seems to forget that these “modest gun safety laws” are being challenged in court by both civil rights groups and Colorado’s sheriffs, and may be overturned for being unconstitutional.


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