Gunman's wife complains over open carry law because her husband attempted to kill another man... and failed

After you cut through the media’s spin and the wife’s one-sided sob-story of how open carry created the conditions for a killing, the Jackson, Mississippi Free Press finally gets around to mentioning that according to eyewitnesses, DeUndra Brown’s husband drew and fired first:

DeUndra Brown suspects the law may also have the effect of giving police an excuse to not investigate crimes that are more complicated to untangle. JPD has said William Brown’s death remains under investigation, but at the time of the shooting, JPD Assistant Chief Lee Vance told a TV reporter that police did not make an arrest because witnesses said Brown initiated a gun battle.

“He shot at the other guy first. Apparently he missed, then the other guy returned fire striking him about 12 times. It’s not for me to judge the amount of rounds that were fired. I don’t know if the amount of times he fired his weapon is of any circumstance at this point,” Vance told WLBT-TV’s Cheryl Lasseter.

Perhaps if her husband hadn’t attempted to kill another man, he might still be alive?

Like his widow, I suspect that William Brown never knew Mississippi had passed an open carry law, and there isn’t even any evidence presented in the story that suggests that either man legally open-carried that day. 

In all likelihood, both men illegally carried concealed weapons into the confrontation, something that the account fails to mention.

Free Press reporter R.L. Nave—what an appropriate name—somehow skips over all these pertinent facts in order to bash a law that ultimately has nothing to do with with William Jackson’s death.

And the media wonders why they have so little credibility…