Be careful out there: Marissa Alexander is out on the streets

Marissa Alexander, the violence-prone thuggette who fired a shot at a man and his two children and yet still became a media darling because of imagined “racism,” is now out on bail.


A Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a gun to scare off her allegedly abusive husband has been released from prison as she awaits a new trial, her attorney said.

Marissa Alexander was released Wednesday night, attorney Bruce Zimet said.

Last month, an appellate court ordered a new trial for Alexander. The case will be retried because the jury had incorrect directions, the court ruled.

Alexander’s case gained the attention of civil rights leaders, who say nobody was hurt and the sentence for the mother of three was too harsh.

The case shined the spotlight on Florida’s “stand your ground” law after she unsuccessfully argued before her 2012 trial that she was immune to prosecution because of the law.

These “civil rights leaders” need their heads examined, as do the media. Marissa Alexander is every bit as unstable and dangerous as the media have made George Zimmerman out to be.

After a minor conflict, Alexander left her estranged husband’s home, retrieved her firearm from her car, and came back into the house, where she fired it in the direction of her husband and his two children. She has no imaginable claim to “stand your ground” when she left his home, got a weapon, and returned to his home (which the appellate court confirmed, and CNN “forgot” to mention).


Alexander then pointed the gun in the direction of her husband and his kids from a previous relationship and pulled the trigger. There is no evidence to suggest Alexander meant to fire a warning shot. Warning shots are up or down, not into the wall behind the person you’re trying to “warn.” She was simply a bad shot.

After her arrest, Alexander then apparently colluded with her husband to lie about testimony, despite a judge’s order to avoid contact with him. She then she violated that order (again) to assault him (yet again) before her trial on the original gun charge.

The facts of her case have not changed, and she should still go back to prison.

Until she does, be careful out there.

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