Guns Save Lives: Neighbor shot one burglar who attacked him, held other at gunpoint

A man in Logan County, West Virginia responded to a cry for help from his aunt and uncle, who said that their home’s security alarm was going off. When he arrived with a pistol in his hand,  he ended up shooting one burglar and holding the other at gunpoint for responding police:

Terry Robbins, a neighbor and family member, caught the two suspects in the house and says he was forced to shoot one of the alleged burglars when he tried to attack him.

Robbins told Saturday morning around 5:30 his aunt and uncle called saying their security alarm was triggered. Robbins says when he arrived at the house shortly after, he found Jimmy Walker and Justin Blair. Robbins says he and Walker are distant relatives.

Robbins says he brought a pistol with him for his own protection and when he saw the suspects told them to get on the ground until police came.

“I told them both, just please get on the ground, I’ve got a gun, I’ll shoot you, don’t try anything just get on the ground until the police get here,” Robbins said.

Robbins said before police could arrive, Walker tried to attack him so he shot Walker in the stomach. Robbins says he’s been told he likely will not face charges.

Walker is in the hospital recovering from surgery. Blair was also taken to the hospital because while in the back seat of a state police cruiser he allegedly kicked out the window and escaped.

Blair was later caught and released from the hospital. He is now in jail.

I’m trying to think of some good Jimmy Walker jokes about how trying to break into the home wasn’t such a “Dy-no-mite!” idea, and how he probably won’t have “Good Times” in the hospital and prison as he heals, but it’s early and I haven’t had my coffee yet.

One thing that the print story neglects to mention that is caught in the video interview is the police response time on this call. Robbins claims that held Blair and Walker at gunpoint for more than an hour before authorities arrived.