Ever wanted to stab yourself in the junk from the low-ready? Have we got the accessory for you...

There is a new company (and if I don’t miss my guess, soon to be former company) that has decided that what this world needs is a new and innovative way to make a handgun every bit as dangerous to it’s user as any possible target. Introducing the Magazine Base Interchange System, or MBIS MBX.



Yes, you too can buy this unobtrusive magazine baseplate replacement device that is only slightly smaller than squad car, that can be outfitted with multiple “attatchments.”


Once installed, you can used the MBX to attach additional tacti-crap to the bottom of your handgun, starting with the convenient Manly Bayonet.


You can use the “Manly Bayonet” to increase the odds of eviscerating yourself every time you pull your weapon into a retention position!


Yes, this is a real product, and they even have a product video (which is where we got these spiffy screen captures). Unfortunately, the creator of this fine piece of… kit has disabled embedding, and so you’ll have to watch it on YouTube.

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