hickok45's personal Swiss K31

hickok45 shoots his personal Swiss K31… and for the first time I can remember, he’s found a firearm that he doesn’t shoot well right from the start. You’ll note that hickok45 isn’t blaming the gun and seemed to warm up to it later in the session, so perhaps he was simply having a tough time getting the sights regulated.


Last year I was fortunate enough to fire a well-regulated “Swiss Miss” belonging to a Marine rifleman, and it is currently my favorite military bolt-action rifle, even ahead of the 1903 Springfield (which hickok45 has also reviewed). Even just using the combat sights it is capable of dropping 174-grain slugs on areas the size of a deer-s chest cavity out to 300 yards when I did my part, and many of the Swiss have “sporterized” it by adding a diopter rear sight, and these rifles also seem to find their way to our shores.

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