Powerful Ukranian video a testimony on why our Second Amendment is so important to our liberty

I am a Ukranian” is a heart-wrenching video just over two minutes long, narrating that nation’s on-going struggle to wrest freedom from a brutal and corrupt central government.

The video was filmed and distributed before Ukranian dictator Viktor Yanukovych ordered the state’s security service to attack the protesters, who are armed with little more than cobblestones and crude Molotov cocktails.

At least 26 people have been confirmed killed in the fighting, and hundreds of people have been injured. All but one of the dead appear to protesters. Many are said to have been killed by government gunfire.

To justify the attack, the Russian-backed communist government has labeled the protesters as anti-government terrorists. The security service is conducting their attacks by Yanukovych’s orders, under the guise of an “anti-terrorist operation.”

The attack continues even now. RadioSvobodaOrg has a live feed running from the front-lines.

It should not be lost on you that defenders of corrupt governments often refer to fed-up, liberty-minded citizens as “terrorists.”

Please remember that our forefathers wrote the Second Amendment with the sounds of battle still echoing in their minds. They knew that a well-armed and trained citizenry is the best antidote to tyranny.

Never give up that right.