JUSTIFIED: Iowa Woman Cleared After Shooting Abusive Husband In Self-Defense

Hey, did you seen the story on the Moms Demand Action Facebook page the other day about the Iowa woman who saved herself by gunning down her abusive husband after he repeatedly threatened to kill her with a knife?


Yeah, we didn’t either, but it happened all the same:

Clinton Gus Leedom, 49, was found shot to death on July 21 in his rural Bloomfield home.

Leedom’s death was ruled a homicide at the time.

However, the Wapello County Attorney’s Office has determined that no crime was committed.

The investigation revealed that Leedom a history of domestic violence and had repeatedly threatened to kill his wife.

On the day of his death, Leedom had threatend her with a large bayonet style knife.

At several points during the altercation, Leedom held the knife to her throat and head.

When Mr. Leedom came back threatening to kill his wife yet again and raised the knife as if to stab her in front of two people, she raised her own arm, and pulled the trigger of her handgun.

The single shot to the neck/chest area dropped Mr. Leedom immediately, and though Mrs. Leedom attempted to provide medical aid to her abusive husband, law enforcement officers and responding emergency medical personnel determined that he was dead at the scene.

You won’t read about Mrs. Leedom’s story on any of the gun prohibitionist pages. Moms Demand, Everytown, and the other disarmament supporters bury these incidents, for two reasons.


The first reason is that Mr. Leedom is typical of most domestic abusers.

While Shannon Watts and the other gun prohibitionists are attempting to create the myth that domestic homicides are committed by good people who suddenly just snap one day and go into a homicidal rage that is completely out of character for them (and probably because they own a gun), the reality is that a supermajority—90-percent or more—of domestic homicide suspects have had law enforcement called to their home for domestic violence at least once prior to to committing homicide.

Mr. Leedom had been abusing his wife for two years prior to his well-deserved death (PDF).

Shannon Watts and her fellow cultists cannot admit the fact that domestic violence builds up over time to a fatal level, because knowing that then suggests a very logical course of action for those being abused.

Arm yourselves against the abuser.

That is the reason that Moms Demand Action’s domestic violence video campaign  imploded in such a spectacular fashion. Their video showed a man forcing his way into his wife’s home in an attempt to snatch their son, as she desperately and fruitlessly screamed at the 911 operator for help that was never going to arrive in time.


Even the reliably leftist liberals of The View saw the video as the perfect justification for women to own a gun.

Yes, guns are sometimes used by abusers to kill their victims, a fact that Moms Demand ruthlessly exploits at every opportunity.

What they cravenly refuse to admit is that a firearm is also a great equalizer, and puts a smaller woman on even footing with an abusive male, and gives her an opportunity to defend herself, and others.

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