RED WAVE: Republicans Dominate 2014 Elections

Senator-elect Joni Ernst is a solid Second Amendment supporter
Senator-elect Joni Ernst is a solid Second Amendment supporter
Senator-elect and concealed carrier Joni Ernst is one of the solid Second Amendment supporters who won in a Republican “wave” election last night.

We were up very late last night/early this morning watching the Republican Party win a convincing wave election in the 2014 midterms. You can catch up on the broader picture in our election coverage at Townhall while we sift through the “day after” data to find out specifically how the races may affect gun owners.


We do know already that liberal and predominately coastal Washington state voters passed I-594 convincingly, making draconian a de facto gun registry state law while rejecting the pro-gun I-591. Washington voters will—unfortunately—have to live with their mistakes, which were strongly opposed by the very law enforcement officers that will have to enforce their silliness.

Gun control-loving governor Dannel Malloy has declared victory in Connecticut in a race that is too close to officially call, and it appears that Colorado’s gun control governor John Hickelooper is also possibly going to pull out a win after an expected recount.

In Illinois, businessman Bruce Rauner declared victory over incumbent gun control junkie Pat Quinn, and in Maryand, gun rights “extremist” (his opponent’s words) Larry Hogan thumped Anthony Brown, a supporter of the draconian gun control legislation rammed through after Sandy Hook.


Gun control fanatic Michael Bloomberg had decidedly mixed results, pouring out millions of dollars that may not have been spent that intelligently.

Stay tuned, folks… there is a lot to digest throughout the day.

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