Brady Campaign Tries To Find New Life In Gun Control Spoof

The Brady Campaign is largely irrelevant as a gun control group these days, having falling into the shadows behind Michael Bloomberg’s cavalcade of gun-grabbing organizations.


They’re trying to find new relevance with a spoof that aims to be funny, but which fails to hit the target.

Campaigners against gun violence have turned to parody with a spoof travel tips website in the style of TripAdvisor, giving suggestions for where “felons and fugitives can go to buy, carry and traffic in guns”, and where they should avoid.

The fake website is “promoted” in an accompanying spoof video made by a team at the comedy website Funny or Die, showing two “criminals” boasting about where to go in America to buy guns, which the company created for national lobbying group the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

It might be funnier if the acting wasn’t so bad, the jokes were funny, and the lies weren’t so obvious, but hey… I’m not their audience.

Maybe their poorly-educated target audience will find it hilarious.

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