AK Operator By Polenar Tactical

Most of us would be hard-pressed to find Slovenia on a map (head to the top of the Italian “boot” and hang a right; it’s there under Austria), but the country has a surprisingly enthusiastic and robust gun culture, with some of the most liberal gun laws in Europe.


Representing part of that Slovenian gun culture is Polenar Tactical, a group that loves shooting just as much as well do.

They’ve done a number of training and “how to” videos with a distinctly European flair, and are now embarking on their greatest project to date,  raising funds to produce AK Operator -The Modern Guide to a Legendary Rifle.

We don’t promote fundraisers—we’re asked every single day to promote one cause or another—and so we aren’t promoting this one either, especially as they’ve already met their fund-raising goal. After all, they will only use any more donations they are given to finance more automatic weapons and explosions in the video, and who wants to see that?

I am interested in the AK Operator video, though, as few know the AK platform as well operators from behind the former Iron Curtain. These guys are intimately familiar with the doctrine and employment of the system, and I’m looking forward to buying a copy when it comes out, based purely on the quality of their existing body of work.

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